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It's Raining

Drip drip drip….drip drip….3:45 am on Saturday morning; it's a downpour of rain. Drip drip drip. I glance over to my panoramic window observing a torrential downpour of rain and lighting. So much so, it awoke me out of my sleep. Lightening usually scares me, but this time, I felt safe in the arms of my Dom. As I lay on my side, staring at the beaded droplets of water accumulating on my outer window seal, I notice the hardness of his manhood poking me. That feeling alone was enough to drive my honeypot into overdrive. I played coy. With a smirk on my face, I arched my back and slid back even farther into him, hoping to awaken him, hmm. No movement from him, I yawned ever so loudly, and still not a peep, I turned over on my back, stretched my left arm over his body, and let out a little sniffle, Still nothing!!! Am  I going to let this solid steel go to waste? I thought to myself, well, I guess I have to make the first move. I reached over to my nightstand and opened the drawer. Pushed aside my vibrator and grabbed my Goodhead go deep spray and gave it two pumps. I knew I wanted to take his fullness into my mouth. I lay on my side, sure to not make any noise. I started with a slight lick of the tip; as I swirled my tongue around and around, I took the fullness of him into my mouth.
I heard a slight moan; the sound of his voice sent me into overdrive. I can feel his body tensing up with every stroke of my tongue. I sucked slowly, then slurped fast, slow then fast, alternating my tempo.......Fabienne, he whispers, To hear my name aloud made me want him more and more. I took his shaft with my right hand and spit on it; with a twisting motion, I continued to turn, making sure to concentrate on his beautiful pink tip. I slide down to his balls to lick and suck and suck and lick, Stroking his shaft, sucking his balls, and moaning softly as he is fully aroused. Slurp, Slurp, Moan, Slurp... To my dismay, I hear Arghhhhhhh. Fuck, He came in my hand. Dom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't even started yet!!!

Until next time, Tune back in to hear what happens next……

It's Raining-A short story by Fabienne: Products
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