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On A Monday.......

It's 1:00 pm on a Monday afternoon.  After sleeping in, we get up and decide to go have lunch at the pier. It was such a beautiful day outside, why not take the bike? I hop on the back of the Ryker and we speed off. We arrive and make our way to our usual spot. The smell of salt in the air engulfed my nostrils. The sound of the waves crashing against the rocks played a symphony of love and magic in the air. The birds soaring above us were so smooth and peaceful that they almost pulled me into a hypnotic trance. The atmosphere alone was enough to put my mind at ease from missing a heavy work day. Acquisitions, mergers, and product development approvals usually filled my Mondays. Today, it was different. We were sitting under a shaded path that allowed the sun to grace us with her golden presence while simultaneously feeling the cool breeze of the ocean nearby. It was quiet, serene, and private. Blackened Mahi Tacos & white wine were on my agenda! I placed my order with haste and let the waitress know to bring the Noir by the bottle.  For him, a club sandwich & Gran Patron Anejo served “up” with 3 Maraschino cherries, lime zest, and a sugar rim. Oh, make that a double! he smirked. It was good catching up. At this moment, with him, now. To be in his presence, no phones, no disruptions. Nothing but laughter and nature at its finest. After my second glass and a few sips of his Patron, I’m feeling a little frisky. I can barely contain myself. All I want to do is kiss the sugar from his lips. Ever so slightly I reached my hand in my bag and grabbed my o-wow cock ring. Trying hard not to garner attention. I slid the ring unto his tip and down his shaft, pressed the vibration, and had a snicker at his surprise. Yes… This is what we are doing.  I ever so gently stroke and grasp his wholeness while the vibration is arousing him, the hardness of his manhood could no longer be contained. He wanted to take me then and there. I look around us, but not a person in sight. He then drops his shades under the table and replies “oooops!!! “Let me get that”

I know what time it is! I lift up my white linen dress and spread my legs wide. With a strong jerking motion, he pulls me towards him. He devours me in every sense of the word. He starts at my inner thigh and follows his way up to my pink pot. He licks and sucks, his tongue feels like a soft feather on my clit. Back and forth, forth and back he goes. I knew in less than a minute, I would be at full climax. I grab him up and with one motion place him back in his seat next to me. I sit facing him & kissing his wet lips. I knew we didn’t have much time, my fast strokes were grinding him as his hands were placed on my hips in full synch. As I squeezed my muscles, I went up and down and in and out, it sent us both into overdrive. I peeked around and saw that we were in the clear. I stood up and squatted and straddled him as I sat on the tip doing my Kegels I rode him into ecstasy. With one final soft thrust, we both orgasmed. Him, in me, me on him. I kissed him softly on the chin and then sat beside him, I looked around and said “Check Please!! ”

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